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The Sponsor A Student Program is a unique way to make a personal connection with a Nyaka and/or Kutamba student. You pledge to donate the cost of attendance for a student of your choosing. Once you're matched, you'll receive letters and pictures from your student three times a year. You are invited to share your own pictures and letters with your student as often as you want.

How it Works

$375 provides a primary student's uniform, meals, medicine, and supplies for one school year. The donation also contributes to the counseling, administration, and staff time that keeps their school operating.

$625 provides a secondary student's education costs.


Secondary students in grades senior 1-3 attend the Nyaka Vocational Secondary School. Students in secondary grades 4-6 receive scholarships to attend other schools in the region. Your sponsorship for these students covers their school fees, uniforms, meals, medicine, supplies, transportation and room & board for the whole school year.


Sponsors will receive an immediate acknowledgement for their commitment to a student along with a picture and letter. Four times per year, they will receive a communication from the student that will tell them about their student's progress in school, their hopes and dreams, or about what their lives are like in Uganda. Sponsors are invited to write their student as often as they want by emailing Nyaka's sponsorship associate at sponsor@nyakaschool.org.

Sponsor-A-Student Donation Options

$375 primary student
$625 secondary students

$32/mo, primary student
$53/mo, secondary student

Select a student to sponsor

Please contact Nyaka's sponsorship associate at sponsor@nyakaschool.org with questions or if you want help choosing a student to sponsor.