secondary, high school, and vocational education

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project provides placement, tuition, uniforms, and school expenses for all of our students’ secondary and high school education. In addition, we continue to oversee our children’s development, including counseling and medical care. Without a secondary or high school education, girls are more likely to marry while young, run away to the city to get a low-wage job, or become sex workers. Boys also end up working low-paying jobs and never escape the cycle of poverty. An important part of our mission is to ensure that our students go to secondary and high school. A strong education is our greatest hope for our students to begin envisioning a life beyond the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Due to the high graduation rate of Nyaka and Kutamba School students, the need is now greater than ever for a secondary and high school in your area. Each year we will have another class of students that qualify for secondary and high school.



Vocational School

Mastering a trade is another way for students to break free from poverty. For the two students who wished to pursue a trade, we have paid for them to attend additional vocational schooling rather than secondary school. An informal vocation program has been a part of the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project since its inception. Below is a short list of programs that are being developed.

  • Tailoring
  • Brick Making and Brick Laying
  • Carpentry
  • Computer Science