Nyaka and Kutamba primary schools


Nyaka has two primary schools for HIV/AIDS orphans, Nyaka Primary School and Kutamba Primary School. Together they have 463 students this year. Primary school in Uganda goes from Nursery Class (like Kindergarten) all the way through Primary 7. Unlike many schools in Uganda, our students do not have to pay any school fees. Nyaka also provides textbooks, uniforms, shoes, two meals every school day, medicine, and scholastic materials for free.

Nyaka Primary School

We opened Nyaka Primary School in January 2003 in our founder's hometown, the village of Nyakagyezi in Kanungu District. It was the first school of its kind. It was and still is completely free to attend and exclusively for HIV/AIDS Orphans. In the beginning it was just a small two classroom school with only 56 children. These were our pioneer students. Today Nyaka Primary School is full to capacity with students in Nursery class through Primary 7.

Kutamba Primary School

A few years later a little boy named Hilary heard about the school for HIV/AIDS orphans. He was so excited that he walked 50 Kilometers all alone to ask to be admitted to Nyaka Primary School. (Hilary's story is the inspiration for Jackson's first children’s book, Sitwe Joseph Goes to School.) After Hilary's harrowing journey, we were inspired to build our second primary school in his village of Nyakishenyi in Rukungiri District. It opened its doors to its first class of students in February, 2009. The children named the primary school Kutamba, which means "Hope" in Rukiga.