nyaka vocational secondary school

The Nyaka Vocational Secondary School is Nyaka’s latest building project. This exciting new venture will give free education to even more HIV/AIDS orphans in southwest Uganda. When the school is completed, the campus will include an Administration Building, Girls Dorm, Boys Dorm, 4 labs, 4 workshops, and a Multipurpose & Dining Hall. There will be students attending secondary school who are on track to go to university and students who are learning trades in vocational school. 

Why Build A Secondary School?

Currently, students in secondary school and vocational school are sponsored to attend schools throughout the region. Students have to travel far from home to attend secondary school. If our students are able to remain at home, they can help their elderly grandmothers with household chores and stay in their own community where they will be surrounded by the positive influences of their family and the Nyaka team. Students who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS face barriers that other children don’t. Nyaka is better equipped to help these students overcome those barriers than other secondary schools because we have 15 years of experience working with HIV/AIDS orphans.

Nyaka provides a great education to all students. Secondary schools in Uganda admit students almost exclusively using test scores. The students with the best scores get into the best schools. If a student scores very low, they will most likely not be admitted into a secondary school at all. Nyaka believes that all children deserve a high quality education. We want to provide the same, amazing education to all of our students so we can give them the best chance to succeed!

Whether you are an individual or a group, you are able to help Nyaka finish construction on the Nyaka Vocational Secondary School. For classrooms and student groups, we’ve created the Brick by Brick Campaign.

You can also make an individual donation to help us complete construction. For donors who want to make a larger commitment, contact our office for more information (517) 575-6623.