The Microfinance Program provides credit for income-generating activities to women caring for the students of Nyaka and Kutamba. Numerous studies have shown that women tend to prioritize children's nutrition, education, clothing, health, and home improvements ahead of their own personal needs. Thanks to microfinance loans, our grandmothers are able to buy supplies to make beautiful woven baskets and other crafts; and goats and chickens as a source of income. As a result of improved standards of living at home, Nyaka and Kutamba students are able to maintain the necessary good health and morale needed to complete their primary education.

Many grandmothers are starting businesses or are ready to expand the businesses they already have. However, they have trouble accessing traditional loans due to their location and other factors. Your donation would provide the capital for one Grandmother to start or improve her business so she can provide for her family and improve the local economy.