grandmother homes

After the death of their children, many grandmothers have no one to repair or rebuild their homes. It is essential to keep Nyaka students and their grandmothers safe and healthy. When a grandmother's home, kitchen, or pit latrine is in disrepair, it can cause the family to become sick and prevent them from escaping poverty. Each Granny Group is allocated funds to be used to build new houses, pit latrines, and kitchens. They determine as a group which grandmothers have the most need. 


Many grandmothers’ roofs have become leaky, causing those grandmothers to spend sleepless nights standing in a corner of their house during the rainy season. Some homes were in such disrepair that grandmothers were afraid of predators attacking them in the night. Nyaka provides a safe, sturdy home where a grandmother and her grandchildren can sleep soundly.

pit latrines

A pit latrine is a Ugandan style of toilet that is built similarly to an outhouse. A properly built and maintained pit latrine prevents the spread of diseases like cholera, which produces life-threatening diarrhea and dehydration.

smokeless kitchens

In Uganda, the kitchen is a building separated from the house. They are constructed this way because Ugandans cook with fire, which creates a lot of smoke. However, when their kitchen begins to crumble or the roof beings to cave in, the grandmothers have only two choices. They could try to cook outside, which is nearly impossible in the rainy season, or they must cook in their houses, which can be dangerous and unhealthy for their grandchildren