grandmother basket program

The Grandmother Basket Program initiative demonstrates our holistic human rights-based approach to combating pervasive hunger and poverty. Our grandmothers make beautiful woven baskets, bowls, trivets, hats, purses, paper bead jewelry, and other crafts using natural resources and supplies that they are able to purchase thanks to the microfinance loans that we are able to provide. In turn, we buy the crafts from the grandmothers at a fair price and then sell them through basket parties, our Etsy shop, and in stores. All of the profits raised from the grandmothers’ handiwork go right back to the grandmother programs, which work to empower these hard working grandmothers. These women have tragically lost their own children to HIV/AIDS and are now raising their orphaned grandchildren and other orphaned children from the community without social security, health care, retirement, child welfare, or basic housing.  

Visit our Etsy shop to see the beautiful handwoven baskets, bowls, trivets, and jewelry that the Grandmothers of Nyaka make!

Interested in hosting a Basket Party? Email us at for more information, or feel free to download and read our How to Host a Basket Party instructions and fill out our online registration.
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