There are hospitals near the villages of Nyakagyezi where Nyaka Primary School is located and Nyakishenyi where Kutamba Primary School is located. However, they are too expensive for Nyaka grandmothers and students. Without healthcare, students miss valuable school days and grandmothers are unable to care for their grandchildren. Nyaka has a nurse on staff at Kutamba Primary School and built the Mummy Drayton School Clinic in the village of Nyakagyezi. When medical needs are greater than what can be provided by the Kutamba school nurse or at the school clinic, We will pay for medical treatment at a local hospital for Nyaka students.

Nyaka also works to provide prevention measures for serious illnesses. We provide life-saving bed nets to Nyaka grandmothers and students to prevent malaria and provide free HIV/AIDS testing to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region.

We have dedicated volunteers who travel to Uganda to provide dental and medical services to the communities we serve in southwest Uganda. If you are a medical professional who would like to form or join a team, please click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

The Mummy Drayton School Clinic

The Mummy Drayton School Clinic is located in the village of Nyakagyezi right across the street from Nyaka Primary School. It is staffed by two nurses and a part-time doctor. It is open to the entire community and provides services and medications to Nyaka students and grandmothers free of charge. Community members receive services at a much more reasonable rate than the local hospital.

The Mummy Drayton School Clinic needs solar panels to support the great work being done there. Every month hundreds of your grandmothers and students rely on this clinic for their healthcare. You can help us improve their care by supporting our campaign to put solar panels on the roof. Access to electricity will allow more medical equipment to be used at the clinic as well as increase the hours the clinic can be open.
Click Here To Help Nyaka Put Solar Panels On The Mummy Drayton School Clinic

From inception The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project has been about promoting human dignity. Initially this was focused on orphans but quickly included grandmothers. Every program we have undertaken has led to the demolishing of barriers to human flourishing. While there remains much to do, The Mummy Drayton School Clinic will play an important role in assisting individuals and the broader community in preventing and treating disease. There is simply no higher calling than this. Few organizations have the capacity and the reach to make such a dramatic impact on the well being of humanity. Together we are making history. In fact, our organization is the forum where hope and history are matched. -Dr. Paul Deweese, Former Board Member


Nyaka provides education about HIV/AIDS prevention and provides free testing to Nyaka Grandmothers and students. Testing helps to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and early detection helps to prolong the lives of those infected. Currently 10 Nyaka students are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Treatment for HIV/AIDS can cost over $100 a year, which is more expensive than many families in Uganda can afford. Nyaka has committed to providing the treatment for any student infected with HIV/AIDS at no cost to the student. There is currently no cure for HIV/AIDS but with treatment, children who are infected will live much longer, happier lives.

The Community AIDS Education and Outreach Program

The Nyaka Anti-AIDS Children's Choir at both Nyaka and Kutamba Primary School perform songs, plays, and distribute literature during their performances to educate the audiences on the far-reaching effects that AIDS has had on them, their family structure, and community. During a bi-monthly show on Radio Kinkiizi, students aslo sing songs about the rights of women, grandmothers, and orphans to an audience of 250,000!
I was very impressed by both Anti-AIDS choirs at the schools. While the students' performances were entertaining and engaging, it should be noted that they are talking about difficult issues that frankly most adults don't like to discuss. This includes death of a parent, safe sex, the effects of HIV on the family, avoiding sexual predators, and much more. These students are the most compelling advocates I've ever met. - Recent Nyaka Visitor