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Young Heroes Project

Brick by Brick

One of the biggest way to help orphans in Uganda is through free education! Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project has two primary schools (elementary) and we are working on building a brand new secondary (middle and high school)! The Nyaka Secondary and Vocational School will help us provide free secondary education to even more Students and continue to support students until they are ready to go to college!

How YOU Can Help

Did you ever think that YOU could help build a school? You can! For every 50 cents you give, Nyaka can buy one brick to help build the school! Bring in your 50 cents today to help children across the World in Uganda go to school! Color in a brick for every 50 cents you bring in, and be proud of yourself for giving kids in Uganda the opportunity to go to school, just like you!

Brick by Brick Poster - School Building
Ideas for Implementing Brick by Brick

No orphan should ever have to walk alone…


A student-led event where participants walk one mile barefoot around their school track or football field to represent one of the upwards of 7 miles the students of Nyaka and Kutamba walk each and every day in order to attend school.

Barefoot Mile Intro Document

Barefoot Mile Press Release


Children Helping Children: The Real Heroes of Nyaka

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is accessible to people of all ages. It doesn't take a lot to make a huge difference. Children from around the globe are able to understand and empathize with the students of Nyaka and Kutamba.

Students in South Korea Host a Fundraiser

“My name is Elise and I attend Hope Middle School in Michigan. I first started learning about and helping The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project in 6th grade. I had a leading role in our classroom’s presentation which raised awareness and over $600, in addition to the hundreds of dollars our classroom had also donated .” Elise has written several essays encouraging others to get involved. Her latest is themed, "This I believe..."


We welcome children and teens from around to globe to work independently or as part of a school project and take the Nyaka Young Heroes Challenge. To learn more please email info@nyakaschool.org.