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The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project wants YOU to connect with a student.

Click here to meet the Nyaka students. Once you have chosen a student to mentor and support, send their name and grade to sponsor@nyakaschool.org. Within a week, you will receive your student’s special packet and an invitation to write them a note of encouragement. Thank you!


$250 provides a primary student’s uniform, meals, medicine, and supplies for one school year.

$500 provides for a secondary student’s school fees, meals, medicine, and transportation for one school year.

An additional optional donation of $125 provides a students' case management. This includes counseling, administration, and staff time.

Students operate on trimesters. Donors will receive an immediate acknowledgement for their commitment to a student along with a picture and letter. Four times per year, they will receive a letter from the student. Donors will also receive reports of class progress from their student's teacher. Donors are invited to write their student as often as they like by emailing Daniele Reisbig at danieler@nyakaschool.org.

Sponsor-A-Student Payment Options


$250 primary student, $375 with case management fee
$500 secondary students, $625 with case management fee


$21/mo, primary student, $32/mo with case management
$42/mo, secondary student,$53/mo with case management

Click here to Sponsor a Student Today