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A Holistic Approach

Our schools are completely free and we include two meals per day, uniforms, books, and supplies. We realized early on that without proper nourishment, medical care, a stable home life, and an engaged community, children cannot learn. It was then that we implemented our holistic approach to sustainable solutions.


NAOP operates two primary schools in rural villages in Uganda. Our highly trained teachers and support staff are educating 487 children this year, which includes 60 preschool aged children. We are also paying for 97 students to attend secondary school. NAOP is responsible for 584 children’s education in 2012 - an 11% increase from last year!

Children are guaranteed an education through high school from the moment they are enrolled. We believe this creates buy-in from the students to perform at their highest potential. It is working - in 2010 Nyaka Students performed in the top 3% out of 220 schools in the district! Twenty-eight out of 29 students graduated with a B or higher in 2011 – all but one student who is learning a trade through vocational school!

Board Member and native Ugandan, Frank Byamugisha of the World Bank writes,

“The performance of our 2011 Primary 7 Class students is no mean feat for a rural school. While 12 Nyaka students performed at Grade Level 1 (equivalent of an A), some of Nyaka’s competitors have not had a single student in this same category for more than 5 years.”