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The Nutrition and Community Garden Program

Food is critical to health. Health is critical to learning.

Children simply cannot learn on an empty stomach. That’s why Nyaka provides a school meal program that has enabled the students to enjoy school and perform well.

Free meals encourage guardians to send their children to school. For some of the students who live in extreme poverty, these are the only meals they get in a day. For many students, prior to receiving meals at Nyaka and Kutamba, they suffered from chronic malnourishment.  The students weight and height is regularly monitored to ensure they are receiving the appropriate number of calories to fuel their growing bodies.

Students get breakfast (milk or porridge and a roll) at and an assorted lunch. The items provided for lunch include beans, meat/protein, posho/corn mash, rice, banana paste (Matooke), sweet potatoes and/or Irish potatoes.

Students work with their guardians at school and community gardens and are able to take produce home. This program also includes free distribution of vegetable seeds provided by Seed and Light Inc.