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Kutamba School

Read the Kutamba School Inspector's Report 3rd Term 2009

The Context

Kutamba is located in the Rukungiri District, near the border of the Kanungu District in which Nyaka is located. Kutamba is about a two hour drive from Nyaka. People in this very remote and rural area are even poorer and more destitute than in the Kanungu District. The hilly landscape in this district makes it one of the most difficult places in Uganda to build in and travel. The nights and mornings are cold and wet, so many children and elderly develop respiratory illnesses and communicable diseases such as pneumonia, common colds, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. Many children at Kutamba live alone, with aged grandmothers or other relatives who have no way of supporting them, let alone send them to school. As a result, we could no longer ignore the cries of this community, so desperate for assistance.

The Model and Kutamba School

Using the model established at Nyaka AIDS Orphans School, the Kutamba AIDS Orphans School was launched on February 5, 2007 in village of Nyakishenyi. Like the Nyaka school, the Kutamba school grows by 30 to 32 students every year as it adds each additional learning level until the school have 7 levels. In January 2009 the new school finally opened to the students and the whole school body moved from a two room borrowed shack to a well furnished, complete school building that will stand into the students' old age. Currently the school has 120 students from grade primary 1-4. The school employs a nurse, 3 teaching staff, a headmaster, and cooks to prepare the breakfast and lunch meals.

Kutamba is currently helping to address AIDS orphans needs through the following initiatives:
* Primary Education
* Community AIDS Education
* Health and Physical Education Program
* Nutrition and Community Gardens Program
* Grannies Project
* Physical Education

Kutamba will continue to replicate the Nyaka School model to achieve similar successes.
What's new at Kutamba?
Project H builds a Math Playground and outdoor classroom for Kutamba
In January 2009 Project H Design visited the Kutamba School to build an outdoor playground specifically designed to teach the children elementary math. A 16-point grid was constructed using recycled tires arranged inside a large sand box. Inside the grid students can participate in math-based games that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The playground provides a great atmosphere for the students to learn while keeping active and having fun.
Look at the photos of this project

Kutamba Construction Slideshow
View Matt Miller's slideshow

Construction Updates
The Kutamba School Construction Project includes a school facility including classrooms, offices, kitchen/dining, library, infirmary/nurse's space, and play space. The design will take advantage of renewable energy systems, local materials and building methods, and context-sensitive systems solutions. The construction will take place on-site as a means to educate the community on the building and maintenance processes.

A Special Thank You
A special thank you goes out to the Aspen Friends of Nyaka. AFN raised $150,000 to cover the cost of the Kutamba School Construction Project. Rob and Carol Auld have led the way in not only helping coordinate fundraising efforts but also spent 10 weeks at Nyaka as volunteers earlier in 2008. Read more about their efforts here

Kutamba gets their own school van!
Check out the pictures of Kutamba's van here