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Mummy Drayton School Clinic

Located across the street from the Nyaka Primary School campus, Mummy Drayton School Clinic serves students, grannies, and the community at large.  Please click on the picture below to learn more. 


Medical care that includes HIV/AIDS treatments and prevention

Nyaka provides students medical care including HIV/AIDS testing and treatment (although only a handful of students are HIV positive).  Their guardians also receive free HIV testing and counseling and we provide free antiretroviral drugs to all HIV + guardians.

Other medical care is offered through Nyaka and Kutamba‘s school clinics which includes first aide care; preventative and curative medications for common illness and diseases; training on hygiene, use of medications, sanitation, and nutrition; individual counseling, mentoring and advice; and training for girls on reproductive health. We also provide free basic necessities such as feminine products, soap, and tooth brushes.

In addition, all students receive parasite treatment upon their entry into our schools, which greatly increases their ability to benefit from the School Meals Program.

The school nurses and teachers also conduct visits to students’ homes during which they counsel all host family members on proper hygiene, reproductive health issues; sanitation in cooking, bathing, and eating areas; and nutrition.