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Grandmothers: The unsung heroes

As a part of our holistic human rights-based approach to combating pervasive hunger and poverty, we serve nearly 6,500 grandmothers, through 91 support groups. Having tragically lost their own children to AIDS they are now raising their orphaned grandchildren without social security, health care, retirement, child welfare, or basic housing.  Nyaka supports these unsung heroes by providing them a Grandmothers’ Coordinator who trains them on practical life skills such as parenting, grief management, gardening, nursing, leadership, and business development. 

In addition, NAOP has provided the most destitute grannies with over 150 new stable homes, kitchens, and pit latrines, as well as a microfinance program where they make goods like baskets and jewelry that is sold in the United States. 

Since 2008, NAOP has reached 34,525 indirect beneficiaries, orphans and vulnerable children, being raised by their grandmothers.  These children have had increased access to food, medicine, and an education thanks to our micro-finance project.


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