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Clean Gravity-Fed Water System

Bringing a clean water system to Kutamba Primary School is a priority in 2012.  We're currently working with Rotary Clubs and Safari Club International.  To get involved, please contact us!

Water is critical to health. Health is critical to learning.

In recent years, the Ugandan government has spent millions of dollars carrying out campaigns geared toward the provision of clean water as a way of preventing cholera, bilharzia, and other water-borne diseases. However, between 40 - 60 % of Ugandans still lack access to safe drinking water.

Thanks to the Clean Gravity-Fed Water System, which was constructed in 2005 at Nyaka Primary School, students have access to fresh drinking water. In addition to providing clean water to Nyaka, it serves 17,500 people at three public schools, two private schools, three churches, and more than 120 households in the community.

The clean water system is invaluable to this rural area. It supplies clean water through tap systems placed throughout the community. Women and girls no longer have to walk for miles to gather water, missing school and risking assault, a previously common occurrence.